The family is one of the most important symbols of our society and can be praised, recognized and remembered through a tattoo. These types of designs try to express unconditional love towards the family and can be done in different ways, through animals, through words or through other images and details that graphically represent love and respect. towards our loved ones. Although tattoos with family meaning do not follow any pattern, there are some elements that can help represent affection and affection towards our relatives. You want to know more? At OneHOWTO we give you diverse and original tattoo ideas with family meaning that will not leave you indifferent. Discover them!

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Small tattoos with family meaning

Is it possible to unite the family through ink? It is! A small and simple tattoo can hold all the love, respect and pride that you feel towards your family. As we have said, this type of tattoo lacks a pattern in its design or a standard model, so if you want something discreet or simple , you can do it through symbolic elements for yourself.

In this sense, you can use flower tattoos, where each petal represents a member of the family, a small tree of life, where you associate each branch with a relative, an important date, a name or any other element that is loaded with symbolism. for you. In addition, it can be original for each member of the family to get something small but common, like pieces of a puzzle that fit together, anchors that indicate that you will always be together or ties that show your union. These are widely used designs for these representations, but you can use your imagination and look for a symbol that unites you especially and tattoo it yourself or all the members of your family who want to get tattooed.

Family tattoos with phrases

Resorting to words and phrases is always a good option to design a tattoo full of feeling and love for the family . Therefore, the first option to represent them on your skin is to tattoo the word family on your skin, so you will always remember the importance of having them. Another good option is to write the names of your loved ones or their initials as a detail.

As for the phrases, you can remember advice from your parents, grandparents, brothers, uncles… Everything that motivates you, that represents your union and that is something personal for you . Anything that represents your relationship through words will be a good reason to tattoo it on your skin and never forget it.

Here we leave you some ideas of short phrases for tattoos , both family and other topics, that can inspire you.

United family tattoos

The silhouettes of people or dolls holding hands can be fine lines but with great meaning: the sign of the united family. Through the union, the hugs, the silhouettes of people, you can explain the story between parents and children, between grandparents and grandchildren or between siblings, for example. The designs can be more or less creative, but the characters will be the ones who have the leading role because through them, whether they are more or less realistic, you will be able to design a tattoo that speaks of the united family, of protection and of love towards your loved ones. darlings.

Although they are more risky, portraits can also be a recurring tattoo to show your history. You can also outline the members of the family, or draw their shadows and thus have them always present on your skin.

Lion Family Tattoos

There is no better symbol of loyalty and family than the lion. Therefore, it is a perfect resource to get a tattoo that evokes your family . The lion is status, strength and power, but it also represents family union, since they are animals that live in a herd , that care for and go out of their way for their young and that reflect the bond and importance of what family and union represent. .

If you want to represent the protection of the little ones, opt for a lioness tattoo, which represents the strength of women, femininity and family unity, because she is the one who has the main role and the strength to care for, maintain the family nucleus. united and procreate. Another option is to get several tattoos, each one representing a member of your family.

Elephant Family Tattoos

Symbolic and unique, this is how elephant tattoos are. And it is that these animals are the representation of union and family affection . In many Asian and African cultures, elephants are one more member of the peoples because they live in the same regions, so the inhabitants coexist with them in harmony.

Elephants are wise, they are a divine representation and a symbol of strength, but they also attract good luck. This is why they are a perfect option to represent the family, united and strong , capable of overcoming any obstacle together. Elephants are very familiar, docile, friendly and with an affable character. For all these reasons, the option of representing the family through an elephant tattoo is an original and very beautiful idea. You can make all the members of the family through the elephants joined by their trunks or walking in a row , together. Whether it’s fine line, realistic or mandala elephants, you can express love to your family through an elephant tattoo.

Tattoos of deceased relatives

Remembering a deceased loved one is important to keep him always alive and present in you. Therefore, a special way to remember it is through a dedicated tattoo, which serves to honor that person who is no longer with you. There are multiple options to do it, from a tattoo of something you like, something that reminds you of that person or something that defines you. Whatever the reason, it will be special, because it will be yours.

Some of the best ideas to make a tattoo to remember a deceased relative are:

  • Some angel wings as a reminder that he will be taking care of your path.
  • A phrase.
  • Your initial.
  • Your name.
  • An electrocardiogram, associated with the cycle of life.
  • A drawing or a photograph.
  • A characteristic gesture of his personality.
  • A butterfly, symbol of the cycle of life, change, metamorphosis.
  • Your favorite flowers.
  • A Zen circle, which in Buddhist cultures refers to the value of life and the liberation of the spirit.
  • A forever, a simple word that will mark your skin full of meaning.
  • Your favorite place.
  • A heart. Conventional and simple, but that will always be the maximum expression of love.
  • An important date, for example the date of your birth or the date of your death.

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