In this complete guide you will learn some tips and everything you should do before putting your Nintendo Switch up for sale.

The Nintendo Switch console revolutionized the video game market since its launch in March 2017. And it did so by being a hybrid console, with a striking and functional design that serves for entertainment and with which it is possible to play anywhere. This without taking into account its versatility and the number of games that it allows you to explore. Know more about fortnite lamp.

If you already have your Nintendo Switch you know what we are talking about. If you are considering selling it either because you want to buy another console, because you need an extra or because you want to give it a second life, in this guide we will give you all the tips you need to know before selling your Nintendo Switch.

How to prepare your Nintendo Switch before selling it?

The goal in this step is to make sure your data is ready to sync with a new Nintendo Switch system (if you’re getting another console) while removing all of your data and information from the Nintendo Switch you’re selling. You might be interested in minecraft building gadgets.

Make a copy of your save data

With the Nintendo Switch Online Membership feature of save data copies in the cloud you can ensure that you save all data from compatible games.

In order for you to see which games have a copy, you must follow this path: Console configuration – Data management – ​​Cloud data copy. There you will see your list of games copied by name. Please note that not all games offer this option. Learn more about cool alarm clock.

Once you confirm that all of your games have their saved copy, you can do one of two things: perform a system-to-system transfer if you already have your next console, or set up the new system and connect your Nintendo Account.

  • System to System Transfer: In System Settings, go to the Users option. Then, choose the option Transfer your user and save data. You will need to follow the on-screen instructions on each Nintendo Switch to complete the transfer.

When you’re done, you can go to the Nintendo Store to re-download your games or digital content. You can sync your save data like this: download the game, press the + button and sync the data with the copy you saved in the cloud.

Once you are sure that your account has a copy, you can proceed to delete the data from the Nintendo Switch system.

Format your Nintendo Switch

Before explaining how to format your Nintendo Switch, it is important that you know exactly what information you are going to lose:

  • All data stored in the console’s memory will be erased, including programs, save data, screenshots, and user information. What formatting does is restore factory settings.
  • Programs saved on the microSD card cannot be used, except screenshots. Please note that the data that is stored on the microSD card will not be deleted.
  • Nintendo accounts linked to the console will not be deleted, but they will be unlinked. Remember that your Nintendo Account contains all of your Nintendo eShop purchase history and funds, so when you link your account to another console you can re-download any software or content associated with the account.

Once you have all this clear, you can format your console by following these steps:

  • Select “Console Settings” from the HOME Menu.
  • Scroll down and select « Console ».
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select ” Format Options”. If there is a parental control password set on the console, you will need to enter it to continue.
  • Select ” Reset Console ” to remove all data from the console’s memory.
  • Read the information that appears on the screen and then select « Next » to continue.
  • Select “Restart” to complete the process.

You can see how this process works in the following official Nintendo video:

Cleaning and presentation

Clean your console, check that everything works correctly and check the accessories. A good presentation is essential in the sales process, after all nobody wants to buy a Nintendo Switch in poor condition.

Taking some good photos of your Nintendo Switch , where you can see its condition, will surely help you with the sale. We recommend you take photos with the box and the accessories that you are going to include.

Prepare a compelling description of your Nintendo Switch explaining its model, features, and capabilities. You must also indicate the state in which it is located.

Considerations before putting it up for sale

Once you have your Nintendo Switch ready to go, it is time to take into account the following aspects before putting it up for sale:

Choose the ideal moment

You can take advantage of certain special dates and seasons to offer your Nintendo Switch and increase the chances of selling it in less time. For example, you can offer it during Children’s Day, Father’s Day, holidays or Christmas.

We recommend you avoid the first 3 months of the year since at this time, in general, we are recovering from Christmas.

What is the fair price?

Nintendo Switch is a highly desired console due to its design and features that allow you to play anywhere and connect it to different devices such as a television and a computer.

You must take all this into account when setting the price for which you want to sell your console. We recommend you do a market research comparing several marketplaces, so you can set a reasonable price and it will be easier to sell it.

Where do I sell it? To a private individual or to a store?

This decision will depend on your priorities and needs, but each option has its pros and cons. Normally, we think that by selling to an individual we can get a few extra euros, but is it worth it? Keep in mind that you will be the one who must be attending the calls, messages and constant haggling, and even manage your shipment and possible claims by potential buyers.

For this reason, the most attractive option is to sell this type of device in specialized stores, since it facilitates the sales process for you, obtaining money quickly and safely, without the need to spend time contacting and meeting with those interested in your business. product.

In this sense, Cash Converters is a very good alternative to sell your Nintendo Switch, as it offers you great ease in transactions and guarantees. Do you want to know what the process is? Here we tell you how to sell your things in Cash Converters.

We hope that these tips will be very useful to you and that you will be able to sell your Nintendo Switch as soon as possible! If you have already carried out a similar sales process before and have any recommendations for our community, leave us your comment and share your experience.

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