The best private schools across the country offer what we seek for our children: quality education, individual attention and languages.

Are you in full search of school for your children? What are the best private schools? Which ones are public? Those of us who have gone through this process know how difficult it can be. We cannot take it lightly, because it depends on that that our children receive the education that we want for them.

The first thing is to decide between public or private education. If we opt for the latter, we know that the financial outlay is important. That’s why it ‘s critical that we do extensive research among the best private schools across the country.

What should we pay attention to? The academic results, the teaching of languages, the facilities, the educational project, the price… There are many variables to take into account. All of them are taken into account by the different rankings that are published annually.


One of the best-known lists is that of the newspaper El Mundo, since it has been published for two decades. In its last edition, it placed the following centers in the first 20 positions of the best private schools in Spain:

  1. Studio (Madrid)
  2. Manuel Peleteiro (La Coruña)
  3. Ágora Sant Cugat (Barcelona)
  4. Meres (Asturias)
  5. Montserrat (Barcelona)
  6. La Salle Ntra. Mrs. Wonders (Madrid)
  7. Montessori Palau (Gerona)
  8. Saint Patrick (Madrid)
  9. Biscay (Biscay)
  10. Base (Madrid)
  11. European Lyceum (Madrid)
  12. San Agustin (Madrid)
  13. Heidelberg (Las Palmas)
  14. More Camarena (Valencia)
  15. School of the Savior (Zaragoza)
  16. Santa Maria del Pilar (Madrid)
  17. SEK El Castillo (Madrid)
  18. Brains (Madrid)
  19. Ramon y Cajal (Madrid)
  20. CEU San Pablo-Montepríncipe (Madrid)

Most of these schools are repeated in other similar rankings, which gives an idea of ​​the quality of the education they offer. On this map you can see the best private schools by province.


Why are the centers we have mentioned the best? Because they meet a series of criteria that we parents consider to be very important to offer our children a good education. Taking the El Mundo criteria as a reference, we must take into account 3 large variables that in turn encompass different concepts.

  1. Teaching models: methodologies, awards and mentions, management models, level coverage, student evaluation, price, cafeteria, uniform, waiting lists, loyalty or teacher rotation.
  2. Educational offer : number of languages ​​offered, exchange programs, teacher qualifications, native teachers, number of support teachers, reinforcement for students with special needs, qualifications obtained in the EVAU, extracurricular activities or existence of a medical service.
  3. Material means : number of students per classroom, ratio of students per teacher, square meters, space available in the classrooms, access to new technologies, offer and price of school transport, cafeteria (price, places, possibility of using it on a punctual basis, etc. .), laboratories or sports facilities.


All parents want our children to receive the best possible education, to learn to speak a second language from childhood, for classes not to be overcrowded and for them to receive individual attention. But all that has a cost. How much? It depends on the center and the Autonomous Community of residence.

To give you an idea, we have calculated the average price of the best private schools at each educational stage:

  • 0 to 3 years: 300 euros per month.
  • Child: 6,200 euros per year (up to 2,500 in concerted low).
  • Primary: 6,100 euros per year (2,700 euros in the arranged).
  • Secondary: 7,000 euros per year (2,400 in the arranged).
  • Bachelor: 5,500 euros per year (2,400 in the arranged).


To the monthly payments must be added the cost of registration, books, school supplies, dining room, transport, extracurricular activities, etc. This sum and continues supposes an important economic effort that many families cannot assume when they are badly given.

What can we parents do to guarantee that our children will be able to continue studying at their school if the economic situation worsens? We can always take out study insurance . Depending on the company, it is also called Study Protection or Study Continuity.

It is a policy that is normally associated with life insurance. By hiring it, you will be covering all the expenses involved in paying for your children’s studies. In the event of having to request compensation, this will be received by the center and the student. Coverage can be contracted for death, disability or unemployment.

Other policies that guarantee the well-being of your loved ones if something happens to you are accident and life insurance.

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