You must have found out, right? Between now and June, the theme in the SEM world will be the disappearance of expanded text ads and the transition to Google Ads’ new bet: responsive search ads ( RSA ).

And from June onwards, the topic will be how to best take advantage of RSAs.

Get ahead of the summer and take note, first, of these tips compiled by Channable to optimize SEM campaigns (pearls of agency PPC experts):

And, second, with these tips to, now, get more out of RSA . The sooner you become familiar with them, the better results you will have.

First: what are RSAs?

In case this catches you by surprise, we give you a little context.

RSAs are automated ads with which Google decides what is shown to users based on their searches.

In other words, based on the headlines and descriptions you enter, machine learning will create tens of thousands of alternatives per second to show the most relevant and effective one for each case.

A user, a search, an ad.

According to the company, advertisers who are using them convert on average 7% more than with expanded text ads, with the same resources.

Automation may seem like it limits your decision-making power, but it actually makes advertisers’ jobs easier and reduces management time.

What practices does Google recommend?

The algorithm will do the hard work. You focus on creating good copy and follow these tips to make the result more effective:

1. Start before June 30, 2022

Until RSAs become the standard, make sure that in these transition months you have at least one responsive search ad in each search ad group.

You are interested in reaching June 30 with the system well secured to get ahead of your competitors. With SEM automation tools like Channable you can create, optimize and manage both types of ads at the same time from a single platform.

2. Give as much information as possible

The minimum mandatory text is 3 titles and 2 descriptions, but the more you contribute, the better.

With the maximum 15 titles and 4 descriptions allowed, the algorithm will have much more material to create tailored ads and learn how to improve them.

3. Reuse your expanded text ads

The ones that work best for you will be a good base with which to feed the machine. With them, focus on optimizing the Effectiveness metric to get more clicks and conversions.

The system will give you recommendations for improvement if you click on the Efficiency column of the campaign ads table, which you will find in the “Ads and extensions” window. You will also get this indicator when you are creating an ad.

4. Pin titles or descriptions to specific RSA positions

You can give the algorithm free rein to decide, but sometimes you will be interested in certain copy appearing yes or yes in the ad.

No problem. You can pin titles or descriptions that interest you and prevent rotation. If you need to, Google recommends pinning at least 2-3 options to a position.

The formula for success (according to Google)

Last November, we had the privilege of hosting a webinar with Google. Google gave us the formula for success with Responsive Search Ads. He says like this:

  1. Make sure you have a good/excellent Ad Effectiveness for each ad group
  2. Use 4 or more extensions per ad group
  3. Combine RSA with broad match keywords and Smart Bidding

Google has found that advertisers who apply point 3 achieve up to 20% more conversions with a similar cost per action. There are good reasons for this:

  1. On the one hand, Smart Bidding uses billions of signal combinations (yes, you read that right) to set the bid on each query and auction.
  2. Broad match words , on the other hand, are high-performing new queries and emerging trends (essential if you think that every day, 15% of queries are brand new, never seen before).

Are you already starting with the RSA?

We are already warned. On June 30, 2022, Expanded Text Ads will no longer be an option. It is convenient to get started with the new service pampered by Google.

Do you want to get more out of your SEM campaigns? Apply the recommendations above and add this guide from Channable with tips from 14 digital marketing agencies to optimize your performance.

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