As of March 2022, the “reform of the Traffic Law” comes into force with more severe sanctions, withdrawal of points and new fines. The purpose is to reduce the accident rate. We tell you what they are.

On December 2, 2021, Congress approved by majority the so-called “ Traffic Law reform ” that will come into force in mid-March 2022 , with a specified headline to move towards “ ZERO accidents ” which is the objective in Europe . by 2050. Know more about land rover ne shitje.

The major changes that this reform incorporates both in fines and regulations are the following:

  1. Passenger cars and motorcycles do not have speed increases of 20 km/h above the limited speed for overtaking on conventional roads. 

This has been one of the most controversial measures and the DGT justifies it to avoid frontal impacts and reduce speeds in this type of manoeuvre.

  1. Driving with a mobile phone in hand will be sanctioned with 6 license points (previously 3) maintaining the economic fine of €200.

Distractions are the first cause of fatal accidents, with the mobile being a great protagonist of these.

  1. The points to be deducted from the permit are increased to 4, for not wearing a seat belt (previously 3), not wearing a helmet or not using child restraint systems , maintaining the financial penalty of €200.

In this way, it seeks to increase compliance with regulations as much as possible.

  1. Alcohol rate “0.0” for minors driving any type of vehicle allowed.

Reference is made to mopeds, quadricycles, AM permits, motorcycles up to 125 cc, bicycles, personal mobility vehicles, etc., in reference to the well-known prohibition on the sale of alcohol to minors.

  1. Greater overtaking space for cyclists and mopeds, and higher fines for doing so unsafely.

The obligation to change lanes is regulated when overtaking cyclists or mopeds on roads with more than one lane in one direction, increasing the withdrawal of points from 4 to 6 if overtaking endangering or hindering cyclists without leaving a separation mandatory minimum of 1.5 meters , maintaining the amount of €200 as a penalty.

The prohibition of stopping or parking in bike lanes or on specific paths for cyclists is also regulated .

  1. Throwing objects on the road or its surroundings that can cause fires or endanger road safety, increases to 6 points to deduct from the permit.

In addition to a fine of €200.

  1. All the points on the license will be recovered after two years without infractions of any kind (up to the original 12), with the possibility of recovering 2 points (up to a maximum of 15) after a voluntary safe driving course.
  2. All road passenger transport vehicles must have an automatic breathalyzer that prevents starting if the driver has a higher alcohol level than is permitted.

It will be mandatory for vehicles registered after July 6, 2022.

  1. New serious infraction for not respecting the traffic restrictions for low emission zones and for not complying with the anti-pollution protocols of the cities, with a new fine of €200.

This new infraction unifies the fines that each city established in its municipal ordinances.

  1. Authorization for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds to use certified or approved wireless devices in the protective helmet, for communication or navigation purposes, provided that they do not affect driving safety.
  2. Penalty of €500 for those who cheat in exams to obtain driving licenses or permits, expressly prohibiting the use of intercom devices.

In addition, the applicant will not be able to take the tests again for a minimum period of 6 months.

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