Take a look at the animated Christmas cards that we offer you, and send fun greetings to all your loved ones!

Sending traditional Christmas cards in a fun and original way is possible. For this reason, we propose a series of animated Christmas postcards  with which you can surprise your family and friends.

Animated Christmas cards are those that you can send virtually, we could say that they are small entertaining videos whose theme is Christmas. They are very useful on these special days, since there are them for all tastes: more original, more classical, with music… whatever it may be, they all bring together the magic of Christmas.

We have made a selection of this type of postcard for you, but you can also find another selection of original Christmas postcards or personalized postcards.


There are several web pages that provide us with endless options in terms of animated Christmas postcards. We are going to suggest some of the different styles to make your choice easier.

1. Postcard with Santa’s sleigh

This Christmas postcard is perfect to send to your loved ones. It has a very emotional and enveloping music that places us while we see images as a traditional postcard. Very typical elements of these dates appear, such as snow, gifts, Santa Claus’s sleigh… At the end a text appears wishing “Merry Christmas”.

2. Postcard from a distance

This postcard is perfect if your loved ones are far away from you. The music that plays in the background belongs to the play The Polovtsian Dances of Prince Igor by Borodin. While some images appear accompanying the text and wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

3. Postcard with Santa Claus

With background music, this Christmas postcard is very appropriate to send to those people you love the most and who, for whatever reason, you can’t have close to you on these special days. The postcard says: If this Christmas a bearded man dressed in red puts you in a sack… don’t be scared! This year I asked my gift to be you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

4. Postcard with Christmas balls

Santa Claus, the traditional Christmas tree, the classic Christmas stocking and Rudolf the reindeer appear in this cute animated Christmas postcard with a background of bell music. At the end they merge into one and only Santa Claus appears with two reindeer and a nice text wishing “Merry Christmas”.

5. Postcard with a Christmas tree

We finish our suggestions with a simple animated Christmas postcard with a different theme than the previous ones. Here we find a golden Christmas tree, but in this case the traditional fir tree is made up of congratulations in different languages.

If you are not convinced by any of these models, you can dig a little deeper at Kisseo , where they have a wide collection of animated Christmas cards.

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