As smartwatches emerge as a favorite in the wearable market, concerns about after-sales service (A/S) are being raised. Although it has not yet risen to the surface, it appears that the manufacturer is also preparing for related countermeasures.

According to related industries and Internet communities on the 25th, concerns about the expensive after-sales service of smartwatches are being raised one after another. Know more about the smartwatch repair centre in United States.

30,000 won for a battery replacement?

In a community related to Samsung Electronics products, rumors have been raised that the Samsung Gear S will have to replace the entire product if the battery is defective. In this case, it is pointed out that the cost is close to 300,000 won.

However, as a result of inquiring at Samsung Electronics Service in charge of A/S, in the case of the product (model name SM-R750), “the built-in battery will cost about KRW 18,000 to KRW 20,000 to repair,” and partly replaced it at an appropriate cost. answered that it is possible.

Of course, it is difficult to make a quick conclusion because the degree of damage and the cost of replacement parts vary according to each situation, but even with such an explanation, consumers’ concerns are not easily subsided. Ifixscreens is one of the best and trusted apple watch repair centre in USA.

Display replacement burden

There is also a high risk of screen damage. Smartwatches usually use organic light emitting diode (OLED) liquid crystals. This is because it consumes less power compared to LCD and has good ‘outdoor visibility’ to see the screen well even outdoors in bright light. The problem is that the repair cost also increases significantly. An industry insider estimated that “repair costs will be at least in the late 100,000s range, and at most 200,000 won in repair costs.” The fact that more ‘discarded parts’ increases the price also plays a part.

In the case of display panels, panel manufacturers make 1st to 9th generation rectangular disk panels according to the size, and cut and use them as required by the finished product manufacturer. To this end, it is common for finished product manufacturers to try to reduce costs by minimizing ‘cutting parts’.

However, in the case of a circular design, a lot of discarded parts occur due to the nature of the shape, and the production cost rises accordingly. Accordingly, it is pointed out that round-shaped products such as LG Electronics’ G Watch R, Watch Urban, and Motorola’s Moto 360 are difficult to avoid this problem.

Even if it is not a circular design, the curved flexible OLED applied to the Gear S etc. does not have much production at present and the production cost is considerable due to technical problems.

Inevitable to bear the initial AS cost… Time will solve it

In the case of the sapphire glass, which Apple plans to use for the Apple Watch, it also prevents scratches on the surface better than the existing tempered glass, but it is rather weak against impact, and some point out that if it is dropped on the floor, it can be a disappointment.

However, if panel manufacturers’ flexible (plastic) OLED production lines are additionally operated in the future, production will increase, and if yield is improved through technological development, repair costs are expected to be significantly lower than at present.

A manufacturer official said, “In the beginning, there may be a saying that ‘navel is bigger than belly’.

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