Having a hairdressing and aesthetics center not only implies having the best training in this field and offering the best services and products to your clients. The world is becoming digital and new technologies are reaching all sectors, including hairdressers. If you want to know how to run a hair salon properly, it is necessary to automate some of the daily management tasks.

To do this, you just have to find good software for hairdressers, which will help you optimize the management of your business. Find out more about managing a hairdressing salon in the lines of this OneHOWTO article.

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How to manage a hairdresser – keys

A hair salon is a business that needs effective management , in addition to offering good products and services. In order to manage your business and get the most out of it, it is essential to have hairdressing software, such as Versum , which is powerful and personalized. But what are the keys to managing a beauty salon efficiently? We summarize them below:

Know your suppliers well

Having the service of quality suppliers is a fundamental piece for the management of a hairdressing salon. It is not only important to have good products and materials, but also to adjust to the demands of your customers. Properly preparing and managing a good portfolio of suppliers will help you offer a better quality/price ratio to your customers.

Know your customers well

In relation to the previous point, you need to know your customers well in order to offer them a good range of products and materials. What is your target customer? And the potential? Are you going to specialize in a specific audience segment? Focus your hairdresser on the needs of customers to offer them the most demanded services and products.

Competition and latest trends

Always staying up-to-date and observing what the competition is doing or offering is also a key point in managing a hair salon. Always carry out a market study that allows you to learn more about the sector and your competitors, to observe the needs and be able to anticipate to offer solutions. Your customers will appreciate it.


Get a professional and coordinated team that works on the same line, although it is important to learn how to coordinate a team properly to continue guiding them in the business. This is an important point to carry out a business in which any charge or expense has a direct impact on the final benefit.

Adapt to supply and demand

It is vital to know the supply and demand of your sector, and by doing so you will see that it is essential to have the best technology, good services, varied treatments and new products constantly. For this reason, we advise you to update yourself in this sector, which is in constant movement, in order to offer your clients the best on the market.

management support

Finally, one of the most important keys to managing a hairdressing and beauty salon is the owner’s ability to react. And it is that becoming obsolete at the moment in which we are, can take its toll on the business. Sales and marketing management tools will help you get the most out of your business. For this, it is important to bet on management supports, specifically software for hairdressers , which allows you to optimize your beauty salon.

How to use programs to manage a hair salon

Now that you know the keys to managing a hair salon, it is important to understand how to use hair salon software . Thanks to this system, you will be able to have the management tools you need at hand and use them in a comfortable, simple and effective way.

In this sense, there is software for hairdressers in which you can unify all the information about your salon and offer exceptional customer service. System functions include:

  • Personalized customer registration.
  • Customer data protection.
  • Complete history of visits and purchases.
  • Before and after gallery.

In addition to all this, these tools will allow you to easily manage your business through these features:

Management of everything you need

You can manage your team, your business accounts, inventory or equipment from any device, through:

  • Electronic diary.
  • Statistics and reports.
  • Employee management.

Task automation

It is the best to be able to manage your appointments and your clients quickly and efficiently, thanks to:

  • Virtual receptionist available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Automatic appointment and visit reminders.
  • History of appointments and purchases.

Communication with clients and marketing

In the software for hairdressers and aesthetic or beauty centers, there is also a communication and marketing system to attract customers and retain them, through:

  • Email or SMS campaigns.
  • Online reservations 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Fidelazation program.

Metrics and statistics of your success

With a single click you will be able to enter the finances of your beauty center and observe from the volume of sales to the satisfaction of your clients. You can do it with:

  • Cash control in real time.
  • Sales statistics and financial reports.

Business management systems or software allow you to unify all the key tools to make your business profitable and optimize it . Thanks to this program you will be able to get the most out of your hairdressing salon and have greater control over your business.

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