Although this will probably never happen to you, because Škoda cars are synonymous with quality, it is still useful to know that the Škoda team is there for you to support you at all times.

This car manufacturer has a wide range, with over 10,000 items – from the smallest parts to the largest body and engine components. You can choose a wide range of parts for your car, such as:

Skoda original brake pads

Did you know that the lives of passengers depend on the quality and efficiency of the brakes?
In extreme situations, you will be grateful for the fact that your car has the best quality, based on which you will have maximum braking efficiency, longest service life, stability of mechanical temperature, but also a high level of comfort (minimum noise, no creaking and vibration, no dirt on wheels).

ŠKODA original filters

Did you know that original filters have a significant impact on driving savings?
In order for your ŠKODA to work flawlessly and give you the best performance, four filters take care of that. Therefore, the condition in which these filters are located determines the comfort and convenience you will have while driving. The fuel filter has the basic function of keeping unwanted dirt from the tank, such as dust and corrosion, from the engine valves and thus preventing potential damage. The oil filter protects the engine from metallic and non-metallic particles from the engine, so the use of non-original filters can lead to the penetration of unfiltered oil into the engine, which can permanently damage engine parts and lead to fatal consequences. The air filter ensures the flow of clean air to the combustion chamber and has a positive effect on the sound in the intake tract. Poor air quality impairs the ratio of fuel to air in the combustion chamber, leading to an increase in fuel consumption. And finally, Interesting topic to know more about auto oglasi.

ŠKODA original spark plugs and heaters

Did you know that a faulty spark plug has a very bad effect on engine performance and can lead to a catalyst defect?
The quality of this car part directly affects the operation of the engine and its longevity, so the use of correct and appropriate spark plugs is above all a necessity, not a luxury. Quality and correct spark plugs enable perfect combustion, which in turn ensures a reduction in the harmfulness of exhaust gases. And of course, quality spark plugs will allow your car to start at any time of the year without any difficulty.

Take advantage of the special offer of the company Auto Čačak and buy the ORIGINAL part for any Škoda model at a special price. According to the catalog number, find the desired part or accessory and give your car the best!

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