The new generations have brought back the trend of decorated nails that made such a dent in the 2000s. Every day there are more techniques and styles to express yourself, making unique and perennial designs on your nails. Whether natural, acrylic or gel, nails are one of the essential fashion accessories of our time. It is normal that you want to be up to date with all the trends and try combinations and colors that define your tastes and preferences.

Within this whole range of colors, you may think that black nails can be too dark or gothic for your style, but you would be surprised to know the number of designs you can do with this nail polish, and that they can give you an elegant, youthful look. or even festive. In this new OneHOWTO article we want to guide you and we are going to give you several ideas of decorated black nail designs so that you can choose the one you like the most.

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Yin Yang

You can play with the shapes and your natural nail tone, or another tone, creating figures as symbolic as the “yin yang”. To do this, all you have to do is take a fine nail brush and draw the serpentine “yin” shape, letting the “yang” be the nail itself, or add another color to it. You can do it all over the nail or play with the shapes and angles.

Play with transparencies

You don’t have to cover your entire nail. Other ideas of decorated black nail designs is that you can play at drawing different parts and leave another area only with glitter to create figures and shapes , both linear and serpentine. From polka dots to geometric figures, let your imagination run wild.


If you want to have your nails painted black but give a youthful look, you can try drawing some flowers with the help of a different contrasting colored nail polish, such as white. You can make a floral design as a pistil or any type of flower you like.

An idea about decorated black nail designs is that you draw several black petals with a light tone around the nail, and thus create the shape of the flowers.

Estilo Ska

In this selection of the best decorated black nail designs, the ska style could not be missing. This does not go out of style and, if you want to wear black nails, this is one of the most popular options. You just have to paint your entire nails white and then, when dry, pass perpendicular and horizontal lines with a black brush until you create the checkerboard effect .


If you do not want to have a punk style but you like decorated black nail designs, the idea of ​​playing with symmetries is another of the best options to make a drawing based on black and white lines that, in addition, will give the sensation of lengthening The nail.

You will have to paint your nail black and pass the white brush making white lines. If you don’t want as much symmetry, you can make it irregular and create a zebra look. Be that as it may, it is about you playing with colors and lines.

simple lines

If you don’t have much time and want elegant and simple black nails, you can choose to make a few lines that cut the nails in different parts in a straight way, which will create symmetry and give your hand a more neat and well-groomed look .

French manicure in black

The French manicure continues to be one of the most repeated and popular styles among lovers of decorated nails. But, instead of following the classic steps, we can choose to paint the brand on our nails with black enamel, giving a sophisticated and peculiar look .

play geometry

If you want to opt for one of the black nail designs, you should know that black is an ideal color to create contrasts and, if you have a good hand, you can create geometric shapes that, for example, come out of the sides of your nails in the shape of rhombus and form a triangle at the end of your nail. They will make your hands more stylized and will give you an elegant touch.

writing mini

Black enamel is one of the ones that stands out the most against the background of your nail and that is why it is perfect to use when writing or putting a word on the length of your nail. You can make from black nail designs decorated with the words “love”, “you”, “true” to any other word that represents you, this will give personality to your nails.

Play with lines and crosses

Another of the most popular ideas about decorative black nail designs is the fact of playing with messy lines inside your nail. In this style everything goes, from line crossings, some finished and others halfway.

The idea is to create a mess of fine lines in black that give a more youthful touch to your nail. To do this, you need to choose a white or gray background to create a greater contrast.

Alternate smooth with glitter

If you don’t want to get so complicated decorating your black nails with shapes and figures, you can simply play with the textures to get away from classic plain nails. For that, you can choose to paint three of your nails smooth and, the other two, give them a brighter touch with black glitter polish.

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