Christmas is coming and it’s time to think about shopping for the little ones. We suggest some Christmas gifts for babies.

Christmas days are approaching, and a very important point on these dates are gifts, both for adults and for children. For this reason, we have prepared a list with a selection of Christmas gifts for babies that can help you and give you some ideas.

We know that the baby’s first year is unique, every day is a day of development and learning for him. It is a stage in which he begins to develop his abilities and skills, discovers the world and begins to respond to different stimuli.

These stimuli can come from the parents themselves, by talking to him, caressing him or singing to him, but they can also come from other objects with different textures, sounds or colors, which he can hit, bite and touch. Taking advantage of the arrival of Christmas, it may be the ideal time to buy a toy that meets these characteristics.


As we have been saying, stimulation in the first year of life is very important since it is a period in which the brain has great plasticity, so the neural connections are more efficient and faster. Following the same line, we propose some Christmas gifts for babies that can serve as a stimulus for your little one.


The first of the Christmas gifts for babies that we suggest is a mobile. Babies often love these types of toys! In this case, we present to you a musical mobile in which various farm animals turn around to the sound of the melody of La vie en rose .

This mobile has several elements such as a mirror, bright colors, fluorescent rings and a prism. All of them help to stimulate sight and capture the baby’s attention. As a detail, the different elements can be taken down and become small rattles.


In this electronic carpet , the protagonists are the animals of the jungle: a giraffe, a monkey, an elephant and a tiger. In addition, it has several points of contact that activate the sounds of the animals and eight different melodies, which are also accompanied by light effects.

The light and sounds will be great stimulants for the newborn. And, on the other hand, the rug integrates a mirror that is placed in the elephant’s ear, a snail that is hidden among the leaves of the jungle, a flying butterfly and a plastic ball with a rattle.


A stuffed animal cannot be missing from a list of Christmas gifts for babies, because we present this fun  crocodile from the Deglingos brand .

It is a soft plush that measures 31 cm, the fabric with which it is made is ribbed velvet and, as a detail, it can also emit sounds. In addition, you can comfortably wash it cold in the washing machine.


Your baby will develop motor skills, and this toy, intended for babies from 12 months, is perfect for fine motor skills, as well as for hand-eye coordination and visual and tactile stimulation due to its colors and shapes .

It features six blocks of different colors and sizes that are numbered. The numbers appear on the different tabs of each block, where the face of a funny animal appears.


The last of the Christmas gifts for babies that we present to you is for bedtime, a very important moment for the baby. You can introduce this soft stuffed animal in the shape of a bear in your baby’s crib to accompany him to sleep. It lights up and sings a nice song. In addition, by removing the electronic panel, it can also be washed in the washing machine.

Take advantage of these ideas to make the best gift for your baby this Christmas!

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