Amazon presents Amp, its Clubhouse… with “millions” of songs by great artists for free use

The audio format is more alive than ever, and if the podcasts, clubhouse and live audio streams that have sprung up in recent years haven’t been enough to prove it, Amazon now has the floor as it has launched Amp, a new application to create live chat rooms… and also listen to music.

This is Amazon Amp, the new app to stream music and live voice conversations

Anyone who signs up on Amp ‘s website or app will be able to host their own live show, which Amazon says will have the ability to stream “tens of millions of licensed songs” from major record labels and “a long list of indie».

Amp’s goal is to turn any user into a radio host, able to schedule a playlist, talk to listeners, and chat live with guests who join the broadcast.

But what sets Amp apart from other services is that hosts and listeners don’t need to pay and subscribe to any particular service to tune in: anyone can listen to full songs as long as they sign up for Amp, which is completely free.

music changes everything

Beyond an audio content service, Amazon wants to position Amp as a kind of radio station, which is likely to revolutionize the way we consume this content.

And while Clubhose and Twitter Spaces already have a lot of experience in the live audio space while Facebook has joined them along the way with Audio Rooms, neither of them have the music licensing agreements that Amazon has, so until now we have consumed conversations between hosts and guests, with no substance.

Amazon will be able to offer hosts the chance to do a very different show , create spaces more akin to a college radio station or a DJ by combining musical entertainment with interaction.

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In order to invite people to connect with Amp, Amazon has invited some celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Yachty and Big Boi, although there is no word yet on when their shows will be available. For now, there is also no possibility of monetizing the channels , however, an Amazon spokesman assured that features could soon be added that “incentivize creators in the future.”

One more point that differentiates Amp’s service from its competitors is moderation: Amazon noted that the service already has “comprehensive community guidelines” and “a 24/7 moderation team” who will be able to review reports and act on violations of its policies, according to the company.

The service is available now, starting  with a limited beta on the iOS version and via a waitlist to gain access, with only US users able to sign up for now, likely due to complex music rights terms. , which could be a problem when trying to scale it globally. However adding free music to stream is a great incentive for creators and we will probably be able to test Amazon’s new Amp service soon.

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