Today, we are going to talk about a key strategy to have in mind to transform a maximum of Internet users into tenants .

You will be able to use this strategy on most of the platforms you use to generate reservations:

Ad site, social networks, personal website, email, etc.

Converting as many potential tenants as possible into tenants who actually come to stay with you is crucial if you are looking to maximize your rental income .

That’s not everything, but it’s one of the main levers that allow you to collect significant income. Learn more about izdavanje stanova novi sad.

Furnished rental companies with an occupancy rate of 100% collect much higher income than those who rent only 50% or 75% over the year. Needless to say.

Hence the importance of having an effective strategy in place that allows you to convert a maximum of potential tenants (or at least enough of them) into tenants.

In the following lines, I will share with you a strategy often used by car salespeople to more easily convert potential customers into customers .

And you can successfully apply this strategy to your furnished rental / vacation rental business .


A good car salesman often makes it their goal to have you try out the car.

Not just for you to try. But above all so that you can already see yourself in possession of this car .

Because when you test drive the car you potentially want to buy, it’s a bit like owning it .

You are sitting behind the wheel of this car.

You admire the interior.

You smell its smell (usually new).

You feel comfortable in the driver’s seat.

Then you start the engine, and off you go.

Here you are driving it, enjoying the driving sensations.

You are in.
You live an experience rich in sensations.

And by then, the salesperson knows that most of the selling work has been done .

The bulk of the sales work has even been done before.
It was done from the moment you agreed to try the car.

Because at that time, the seller no longer has to make any effort to make you want to buy the car.

The car will sell itself.

And often, once the potential customer has tried the car and liked it, it’s just a matter of formalities (and sometimes price negotiation) to close the sale.

Because the potential customer already sees himself in possession of the car .

And of course, he’s going to act in a way that’s consistent with his way of seeing things (in the fact that he owns the car).

Now you are probably asking yourself:

“Ok Axel, that’s all well and good, but how will it help me in my vacation rental business?” I’m still not going to try out my property to every potential tenant…”

Indeed, you are not going to try out your property to your potential tenants, it would be a bit complicated (especially since you do not want to sell it to them).

Your goal here will be to get your potential tenants to imagine themselves already on vacation with you.

As the potential customer of the dealer imagines himself already in possession of the car.

And how do you get potential tenants to see themselves already on vacation with you?

By sparking their imagination .
By making them dream .

And that, you can do on all the platforms you use to communicate about your rental.

Whether on ad sites, on your personal website, by email, and above all…

On social networks .

And especially on Facebook .

Facebook is the second most visited site in the world (after Google) .
This is where the people are.

This is where a large number of future travelers are present for a good part of their day.

And it is above all a platform on which it is easy to arouse the imagination of Internet users .

Facebook is a platform that you can use daily to entice a significant number of potential tenants.

And so to bring some of them to come and stay in your property.

There’s just a certain way to do it .
There are certain rules to follow to get the most out of it.

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